A virus is a malicious software program which replicates itself when executed thus modifying computer programs by infecting them. The virus infects data files, the boot sector, and other softwares.

Here are some of the techniques you can apply to protect your computer against virus infection.

Standard user accountdfufjuud7g

Always ensure that you are using a standard account. Most people prefer using an admin account. Having a standard account will enable you to clear any virus using an antivirus program. This prevents the virus from installing itself thus keeping your system files safe.You can accomplish this by creating an admin account separately and then upgrade it to a standard one.


You will be required to key in your passwords whenever you are doing something requiring admin privileges. This is beneficial in protecting your computer against viruses.

Java security settings

It is the common type of software found on most computers. However, the software is vulnerable to exploitation. You are advised to ensure that your Java software is always updated. The software is essential as it notifies you before downloading and installing any applications. Daily updates and checks are important in minimizing any exploit that would infect your system files.

Update your windows

Always keep automatic security updates for your windows. Updated security updates help to block vulnerabilities exploits keeping your system safe. It is, therefore, advisable to keep your windows updated.

Enabled user’s account control setting

You are advised to have the best users account control setting. Most people consider this to be more involving and annoying. It is very useful in detecting computer viruses thus preventing them from installing themselves. You always get a pop-up notification from user control whenever something tries to modify your system file. This enables you block the virus and maintain your computers security.

Enhance web security by using an antivirus

This is not just an antivirus but a specific one with enhanced web protection. This antivirus blocks you from accessing any fyfufuuhfyugicomputer virus. An example of such a web security antivirus is the ESET NOD32 antivirus. This kind of antivirus enables you to block any virus when you visit a website having a virus

Enhanced mitigation experience toolkit (EMET)

EMET is a very cool system developed by Microsoft which protects your system against exploits. You are recommended to download this program. Once you run the program, it sets a default list of all the exploits. It will, therefore, block any program file which has any of the exploits in the default exploits list.

The program is highly recommended. Everyone is advised to apply any of these methods to avoid any potential risks from the computer virus.