The popularity of laptop’s external display

Most laptop these days comes with an external display port I.e you can add the external monitor in addition to your original screen. There are few people who want only one screen to be opened at one time. However, there are several people who really love having more space to spread out, or while working, they want to place the documents side by side.
Benefits of having an external display.

The popularity of laptop’s external display is because of several factors. Some of them are.

Using an external display saves your time

2222oiuAccording to a study published by the Wall Street Journal, it was seen that employees who used a laptop of 24-inch screen finished the work at least 52% faster than employees using an 18-inch monitor; similarly, employees who were using two 20-inch monitors were 44% more quick than employees using 18-inch laptop screens. The research said that 2.5 hours could be saved by people who were using a larger monitor.

Using an external display increases your productivity

You don’t have to anymore use the ALT + Tab screen again and again or prioritize which screen should be put on the top. Also, it’s beneficial when you have to compare two databases; this can be done easily by using an extra screen. According to a study by Dell, the use of external display not only increases productivity but also the satisfaction of users.
One of the biggest advantages of using an external display is the benefit of having a bigger screen.

Most of the laptop these days comes with a display size of 13 inches or 15 inches. So, you can add a bigger screen and watch movies or play games with comfort. Also, you can add a display of high resolution which is more user-friendly.

How to connect an external display to your laptop?

Most of the laptop these days comes with a built-in system to support an external display. You just have to locate where the connector is located and then plug in the extra display, and you are ready to go. Laptops with HDMI ports can be-be connected easily to any extra screen. However, If your laptop does not have HDMI port but a DVI port, a cheap HDMI to DVI cable adapter will do the trick.

3333oiuThere are various benefits of adding an extra screen to your laptop. It gives you more space, increases the productivity and saves your time as well which is also good for you.…

Hoverboards- are they here to stay



It has been one year since Amazon ceremoniously took down most of the hoverboard brands that didn’t meet the safety guidelines from its online retail store. This is a huge step for a retailer like Amazon. The decision was followed by several reports of hoverboard catching fire while in use.


It is assumed that the lithium ion in batteries used on the boards is the culprit. Popular hoverboard manufacturers like Phunkeeduck and Skagway disappeared off the face of Amazon overnight. Well, let nobody say that Amazon never takes customer safety seriously.


2222lkjIt was a huge fad in 2015, just like roller skates in the 80s and guitars in the 70s. But accidents (due to bad balance as well as manufacturing defects) reached an alarming number and hence the extreme steps by the likes of Overstock and Amazon. Many airlines and cities too banned them. Customers were even asked to throw away the products and were refunded. But now they are hitting the markets again with improved mechanism and renewed vigor. Such is the popularity of hoverboards.


The name hoverboard is probably inspired from M k Joseph’s fiction as a means to see future. Call it self-balancing scooter or board with two small wheels attached at each end of the board. You control it with your feet and balance it as the batteries in it propels it forward. Pretty cool, huh? So the question is, how safe are hoverboards? Are hoverboards easy to use? While technical safety is the concern of manufacturers, the second question is rather subjective.


It is just like a scooter without handlebars or like skateboards with motor. It moves when you lean forward. You can brake and reverse by leaning back. It’s easier said than done. It will take intense practice to get it right. Even then, it needs full focus as one wrong movement (however small) can cause you to fall off. Once you get the balance, you will automatically figure out how to control the board perfectly with more practice. Speed too can be controlled by your feet. It all depends on your body balance and stamina. Yes, it is amazing for your core muscles as you balance yourself.


3333lkjHoverboarding is considered an extreme sport and those who have managed to learn how to have never failed to cause heads to turn wherever they go. It is rather addictive. Why else would hoverboards come back with a bang despite numerous accidental reports’ only a year ago?…

How much does 3d printer cost

3D printing is a design of creating a 3-dimensional solid object of any shape. The image following on from 3D printing usually needs an extra rigid process compared to the traditional methods.

The cost of a 3D printer

So how much is a 3d printer? depends on several factors such as the size of the print, where the print shop is located, quality of the job, how much time it takes for the printing to be completed and the complexity of the work. It is estimated that anyone can acquire a 3D printer for 2000USD or less. Other sources say that the cost of a 3D printing may range from 450USD TO 3300USD.

For example, the Cube was launched at a 1300USD price tag, while the latest CubeX goes for about 2500USD to 4000USD. Besides from the actual cost of 3D printer, the cost of having a perfect print ranges from 0.15USD to 70USD per cm squared. The price depends on the technique used for printing and what is being printed.


What is included in 3D printing?

3D printing comprises an additional process where consecutive layers of materials are placed down in different shapes. The process depends on removing the subtractive materials such as drilling and cutting techniques. Usually, a fabric printer involves the use of digital technology to carry out 3D printing processes. The technology is applied mainly in footwear, construction, jewelry as well as architecture. 3D printers may be a bit expensive, but they help in supporting specialized grade product improvement.

Additional costs in 3D printing

There may be extra costs incurred for shipping or delivery if you order your 3D printer from other regions or through online. You will realize that all materials used in your 3D printer have an additional cost because each print is purchased separately depending on the material used for a certain job.

For you to use the 3D printer, one should have a software that helps you to design the particular object been printed. There are many types of software; thus it is important to do a thorough research on the best software to buy for your precise task.

Tips to know when buying a 3D printing machine

3333lkjIt is important to do some research on several companies which sell 3D printer products before buying the machine either for business or personal use. You may either check online or shop around to see the compare the different prices as well as specifications. By doing this, you will have a vivid image of a 3D printing machine that is best for your job. You should also look for a supplier or seller who is willing to show you what the machine is capable of doing.…