The popularity of laptop’s external display

Most laptop these days comes with an external display port I.e you can add the external monitor in addition to your original screen. There are few people who want only one screen to be opened at one time. However, there are several people who really love having more space to spread out, or while working, they want to place the documents side by side.
Benefits of having an external display.

The popularity of laptop’s external display is because of several factors. Some of them are.

Using an external display saves your time

2222oiuAccording to a study published by the Wall Street Journal, it was seen that employees who used a laptop of 24-inch screen finished the work at least 52% faster than employees using an 18-inch monitor; similarly, employees who were using two 20-inch monitors were 44% more quick than employees using 18-inch laptop screens. The research said that 2.5 hours could be saved by people who were using a larger monitor.

Using an external display increases your productivity

You don’t have to anymore use the ALT + Tab screen again and again or prioritize which screen should be put on the top. Also, it’s beneficial when you have to compare two databases; this can be done easily by using an extra screen. According to a study by Dell, the use of external display not only increases productivity but also the satisfaction of users.
One of the biggest advantages of using an external display is the benefit of having a bigger screen.

Most of the laptop these days comes with a display size of 13 inches or 15 inches. So, you can add a bigger screen and watch movies or play games with comfort. Also, you can add a display of high resolution which is more user-friendly.

How to connect an external display to your laptop?

Most of the laptop these days comes with a built-in system to support an external display. You just have to locate where the connector is located and then plug in the extra display, and you are ready to go. Laptops with HDMI ports can be-be connected easily to any extra screen. However, If your laptop does not have HDMI port but a DVI port, a cheap HDMI to DVI cable adapter will do the trick.

3333oiuThere are various benefits of adding an extra screen to your laptop. It gives you more space, increases the productivity and saves your time as well which is also good for you.…