How to identify a gaming laptop

Laptops have evolved over the years, with good gaming laptops now becoming more and more available. However, it is still a big deal finding a gaming laptop worth your pocket. There is always a conflict that rises between the demands of high performance and portability needs, a clear indication that, desktops can be the best option. Top gaming laptops can be found in a range of prices, i.e. $500 to $2000. However, you can find the best gaming laptop under 1000. To get the best gaming laptop, it is important that to have the most important features that fit your gaming needs.

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Graphics Cards (GPU)sdadasdada

This is where most gamers would love to spend their money. The choice lies between AMD and NVIDIA. However, both of this offer a variety of different cards while the names don’t give a clue about the best choice. It is, therefore, advisable to look out for performance benchmarks to aid your decision making. To have a good overview, you will have to look out to Notebook Check which gives a broad range of GPU options; with a collection of benchmarks from many different sources. This will give you good options to choose from.

Processor (CPU)

For your Central Processing Unit, it is a real battle between AMD and Intel. Currently, Intel is at the top of performance, with its quad-core i3 outperforming the best of AMD series. Intel Core i7 will offer you the best power performance. However, core i5 would be very appropriate for most gamers. It is more sensible to invest in the graphic card and memory than in processors.


Your target should be on 8 GB of RAM whose performance with most games remains high. However, to be on the safer side, and to be able to multitask efficiently or to stream your games, you will have to procure a 12 GB or a 16 GB RAM. RAMS can be scaled upwards or downwards depending on your needs; therefore it should not be a big deal because you can always improve if the need arises.

Drive (HDD asdasdsadaor SSD)

SSD performance with games is very efficient, and there is an assured stability of the same. However, SSD is more expensive than HDD drives, even though their prices have fallen over the years. Since laptops don’t have two slots because of space limitations, you can opt for a small SSD as a boot drive together with a large HDD for storage.


Big screens are more fun to game on, however; they will make your laptops bulky and thus reduce portability and increase power consumption. A sensible option is a 1080p resolution for most games.…